The Original Group

In this photo we have the first and second generations of electricians in our family. From left to right we have Kevin Hodges our current president. Then in the middle we have George Hodges at 86 he is now retired. Then on the right we have Bruce Hodges our current vice president.

George Hodges came to South Carolina from Georgia to start a farm with his wife and two kids. They built a farm mostly working on it at night with him having a job and the boys going to school. Once the boys were of age to get their diploma’s and figure out what they were going to do with their life, they decided to start an electrical business……

Alan Hodges

This is Alan Hodges the current manager of this company. At a young age he started helping his dad “Bruce” on the farm and doing electrical work on every vacation from school. After having his first child he decided he was going to work as an electrician with his dad and uncle. He worked here for 10 years till they decided to close the business. He then went to work for a company from NC wiring a plant in the county. After 2 years the plant was completed, and he had a decision to make. The company offered for him to move to NC and be their head electrician. Having two kids and helping his family on the farm he decided to stay local, and he started at Brads Electric with his dad. He still currently works at Brads and manages this company.



Roger Worthington

This is Roger Worthington. Much like Alan, Roger” Bruces stepson” also started with the family business at a young age. He also worked till they shut it down. Then he decided to go into heavy machinery operator. After a while at that he decided to do some electrical work on some large plants across the country. He then came home and worked at brads electric for a while. He then found a company called MSI and did electrical for them for years. He is the one that everyone will see as he is currently the project manager and head electrician full time for us.